About YFRL

YF Robotics Laboratory (YFRL) is an international robotics group. YFRL was founded with the vision that robots will contribute to human society and largely affect the way how people will live in the future. Our mission is to promote STEM and robot education and bring ideas to the public with state-of-the-art robot research and technologies across the world.

We are a small group of people from worldwide who love robots. We aim to bring together robot researchers, developers and enthusiasts to build a world with more intelligent, reliable and safer autonomous robots.

Please help us by telling us which robot activities you do and what you could possible do together with us by sending an email to yfrobotics@gmail.com.



We use solutions from Microsoft, Arduino, BBC Micro:bit, Raspberry Pi Foundation and opensource projects to promote STEM education and help primary/secondary students to participate in building future technology.



We help and encourage makers and companies with their STEM products for robot / electronics / programming education. We also produce robot materials, tutorials and books for entry and mid-level robot learners.


We fund middle school and high school students from US and China to travel across and co-work in local schools / universities on a collaborate robot project.


Our group members continuous to contribute to academic research and the opensource community, especially on robotics projects and we hope our work can contribute to the future development of robotics.


We work and publish academic papers in the research area of:

  • Reinforcement learning and transfer learning
  • Operating systems and task scheduling targeted for robots
  • Dexterous robot hand and manipulator
  • Control and sensory technologies
  • Safety assurance for autonomous systems


We love opensource and we make innovations using opensource software and hardware including:

  • Linux gnu / gcc
  • ROS / Gazebo
  • Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi
  • ESP8266 / ESP32
  • BBC Micro:Bit
  • Microsoft MakeCode
  • Processing

Contact us

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YF Robotics Laboratory
Birmingham, West Midlands
United Kingdom

Twitter: @yfrobotics
Email: yfrobotics@gmail.com